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Creating Exceptional Courses in Moodle

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Creating Exceptional Courses in Moodle



If you have ever wondered how to put your course online, this session is for you. This session will guide participants in developing and teaching online courses in the Moodle environment. The participant will be lead through the steps of course development, online teaching and online assessment. The session will emphasize principles of course design which are outcome-based, performance assessed and collaborative. Furthermore, participants will learn about Dallas ISD’s Moodle Course Program and see how teachers and staff are using Moodle to implement critical elements in online courses to maximize student outcomes. A sample Moodle course--exemplifying exceptional course design--will be shared with participants and includes an Online Learning Course Design Checklist.


Workshop Handout  





Online Course Development Links

  1. Online Course Development Interface
  2. Online Course Components Checklist  
  3. Sample Online Course TEKS Alignment 
  4. Course Syllabus Checklist 
  5. Get Course Template Here (restore course in moodle)



Dallas ISD Moodles

  1. eDISD Online
  2. My Dallas ISD Online



DISD Moodle Course Design Academy

  1. Moodle Academy Framework 
  2. Moodle Course Design Academy (restore training in moodle)
  3. Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers 


Other Links 

  1. Moodle Mayhem
  2. School Moodle Website 


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